Ricco e intenso; il linguaggio italiano

Just to start with my reflection on the language task I will first write about some short facts concerning the language “italiano”. In a second step I will carry on with reporting the difficulties I have to face, how I cope with the language, what the most concise differences between the languages Italian and German are and finally how all these experiences affected my skills and knowledge for further life. Continue reading “Ricco e intenso; il linguaggio italiano”

„Tutto con calma“

To be honest, I was incredibly flustered about travelling to Italy. Not because I was afraid of meeting new people and neither of staying in another country. I was very nervous simply because I was going to plunge into another culture with different habitants and I was not sure how to manage with all my problems and fears for paperwork at the beginning. But “tutto con calma” as the Italians say. Every event has to be taken step by step. Therefore I chose to write about how I have experienced the Italian culture so far for my first blog. At this point I have to note, that I indicate some kind of stereotype of the Italian culture, nevertheless I would like to tell you more about how I experienced “tutto con calma”. Continue reading “„Tutto con calma“”

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