Living my Erasmus in a city

My life in Prague is in many ways different than my life in Switzerland.

One crucial difference is that in Prague, I am nearly never alone. Whether I am at the university, in a park or in town, there are people everywhere. In the dormitory I am nearly never alone either, because since in Prague it is normal to share a room with someone, I am hardly alone at home. Often people are visiting and stay in my room, or the other way around: I visit friends in their room. Continue reading “Living my Erasmus in a city”

Reflection on the languages used when studying in Prague

My reflection on language is not only the reflection on the Czech language, but also a reflection about all the other languages I can use with the people I am living with. It is a topic I like to write about, because it is one of the most challenging things here for me. Furthermore, I really like it to learn languages. So it is quite perfect to live with people who speak different languages, although it might be confusing as well to switch all the time from one language to another one. Continue reading “Reflection on the languages used when studying in Prague”

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