Ricco e intenso; il linguaggio italiano

Just to start with my reflection on the language task I will first write about some short facts concerning the language “italiano”. In a second step I will carry on with reporting the difficulties I have to face, how I cope with the language, what the most concise differences between the languages Italian and German are and finally how all these experiences affected my skills and knowledge for further life.

The Italian language belongs to the category of the Romance languages and is guessed to be approximately spoken by 66 million people as a mother tongue all over the world. Unlike most other languages belonging to the Romance category, Italian maintains Latin’s contrast between short and long consonants. Besides, as in most Romance languages, stress is characteristically. However, Italian is seen as a major European language, being one of the official languages of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

To head on to another country, doing an Erasmus, means not only variations in country or culture, it also means learning how to communicate in this country or in this particularly region. In my case, I had to get used to the Italian language, which in my view is a very rich and intensive language. I will explain why: first of all, as already indicated above, in the Italian language it is all about stress. It is not just about how you pronounce the words; it is how you actually play with the prosody of each sound. I already had some lessons in elementary school and later as well in high school, so I already knew a bit what I would be confronted with. Still, living for a long period of time in the context of this language is far from the aspects treated in school context. I was very tense during my journey to Italy. My head was full with thoughts like “What if I do not understand anything or anyone”, “what if I forget all my vocabulary”, “what if…”. I even tried to prepare myself by arranging some sentences for responding exactly and in a correct way to any given question. However, when I arrived, every-thing turned out to be different as planed; I was so excited to see my flatmates, I immediately started to stammer and to rummage in my mind for the prepared sentences. I thought they would not understand me or even dislike me because of my bad language skills. But instead, they listened to me very patiently and tried to give me the feeling of not being lost. It turned out for me to be way more easy to make myself understandable than I had expected before my arrival. I can already small talk fluently and I do not even have to think about any translation anymore, it. Furthermore, the non-verbal communication such as mimic and gesture have turned out to be very useful instruments to interact with others. With my arms, hands, fingers and my entire face I do not only underline my verbal communication but also provide some vocabulary which I have not yet been able to.

It is a very valuable experience to see how easy and still complex communication is. Easy in a sense of how well others understand me, even though the grammatically complex issues are necessary for profound communication. With profound I refer to the fact that even after two months of staying here and being confronted with the Italian language on a daily basis, I am still learning every day, every moment and in every different situation something in addition. Considering that I do not have a lot of time here, I try to gather as much language learning as I can get, write down flowers of speech, phrases or just words I meet in any kind of situationand enjoy every day or hour here with this language “ricco e intenso”.

Sarah Bargetzi

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