Living my Erasmus in a city

My life in Prague is in many ways different than my life in Switzerland.

One crucial difference is that in Prague, I am nearly never alone. Whether I am at the university, in a park or in town, there are people everywhere. In the dormitory I am nearly never alone either, because since in Prague it is normal to share a room with someone, I am hardly alone at home. Often people are visiting and stay in my room, or the other way around: I visit friends in their room.
I do not spend a lot of time at the university, but when I am there, it is quite crowded. And the same happens with the city center: Since Prague is quite touristic, there is no place in the center where you are alone. A possibility to see a little bit of the nature and to relax is to go to one of the parks, which are not difficult to find in Prague. But here as well, you will not be alone enjoying nature, there will be a lot of people hiking, taking their dog for a walk and so on.

When I arrived from Switzerland, I could never have imagined that I would be able to live with someone in the same room, always staying together. I was quite accustomed to have a lot of time for myself, staying alone in my room. But I must admit that it was a lot easier to live in a dormitory than I thought before, although it was not at all familiar to me.

Living in a village in Switzerland, this is my first experience living in a city as big and as pulsating as Prague is. Although I first had to get accustomed to the fact that the city is always in motion, now walking through crowded places in the city is nothing special anymore and nor is coming home, talking the rest of the day with neighbors in the dormitory.

Another thing which is quite related to the many people I met here in Prague and which was also new for me was that every day there was something to do and people who wanted to meet you. I had to insist when I wanted to stay at home, what I really did, especially when I had classes the next day.

When I will be back home, I guess it will be very different for me again. It will be a lot calmer, but probably also less interesting. One thing I know for sure: I will miss my life in Prague and all the friends I met here, but I will never forget what it felt like to live here.

Janna Ottiger

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